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That's What Makes You Beautiful

No, I'm not talking about that stupid One Direction song (if you like them, that's cool, not my thing though). It's a brand new year (Happy 2017 Ya'll!) and all I keep seeing on my Facebook and Instagram is everyone talking about what they are going to do differently this year. Resolutions of some sort. To look better, to exercise and eat right, to Be Better. Beautiful. At least, superficially. I, personally, am not buying it. I live in Los Angeles, home of Super Models who make the aisle of the 99 Cents Only Store look like a runway when I am just running in there to get my latest fix of Mexican candy. BTW, if anyone tells you the Mexican candy ain't the sh*t, don't trust them, they will lie to your face. Anyway, I know physical beauty when I see it. What I don't always see is True Beauty.

What is Beauty? Beauty is courage. The truth is that life will always go on because life occurs in the moment, and every second of it counts. Beauty is the ability to know what you bring to the party and being courageous enough to rock it all day, every day and every where. Beauty is kindness. The society that we live in will tell us that beauty is the result of make-up and the new fad diet, but in reality beauty is an act of Love. Self love and love to one another. Beauty is a kind word, a hug when someone is hurt, being polite to the barista at your favorite coffee shop, volunteering your time with an organization that you respect. Search within yourself to find beauty. Find beauty in your soul, find beauty in kindness, find beauty in generosity, find beauty is a smile. Find it, and share it with the world. Your Beauty is a force to be reckoned with, use it to make history.

Be Kind, Be Fabulous, Be BEAUTIFUL!


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